Dr. Hattabaugh taught on how God's love can change your life. 

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Category:Religious -- posted at: 12:53pm EDT

Dr. Hattabaugh taught on what the true meaning of Christmas is.

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Category:Religious -- posted at: 8:30pm EDT

Dr. Hattabaugh taught that Gods Word is the answer to the way you think and in turn the way you live. 

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Category:Religious -- posted at: 9:31pm EDT

Dr. Hattabaugh taught on developing your faith and using it in your life to receive God's blessings.

Direct download: 121717_RecievingGodsBlessingsThroug.mp3
Category:Religious -- posted at: 12:40pm EDT

Dr. Hattabaugh taught on how what you speak affects your life. 

Direct download: 121317_ItmattersHowYouSpeak.mp3
Category:Religious -- posted at: 9:33pm EDT

Dr. Hattabaugh taught on how to develop your faith.

Direct download: 121017_DevelopingYourFaith.mp3
Category:Religious -- posted at: 1:10pm EDT

Dr. Hattabaugh continued teaching on placing your faith in the grace of God. 

Direct download: 120617_FaithInGodsGracecont.mp3
Category:Religious -- posted at: 9:38pm EDT

Pastor Angie taught on how to respond to the Word of God.

Direct download: 120317_RespondingToTheWord.mp3
Category:Religious -- posted at: 8:26pm EDT

Dr. Hattabaugh teaches on how undeveloped faith is a cause to not receive what God has given us.

Direct download: 120317_UndevelopedFaithIsACauseToNot.mp3
Category:Religious -- posted at: 12:55pm EDT





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