Dr. Hattabaugh taught how to pray for your children. 

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Category:Religious -- posted at: 9:31pm EDT

Dr. Hattabaugh teaches that sin blocks healing.

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Dr. Hattabaugh taught on the importance of the words parents speak to their children. 

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Dr. Hattabaugh taught on the importance of being a Godly parent for our children.

Direct download: 112518_GodlyParenting.mp3
Category:Religious -- posted at: 12:42pm EDT

Dr. Hattabaugh teaches on how to live a thankful life.

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Dr. Jacobs teaches on the law of faith.

Direct download: 111818SunPmDrJacobs.mp3
Category:Religious -- posted at: 9:18pm EDT

Dr. Jacobs teaches that the Word of God makes you whole.

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Dr. Jacobs taught about God's will to heal us no matter the issues that you have gone through.

Direct download: 111618FriPm_ItsGodsWillToHealYou.mp3
Category:Religious -- posted at: 10:04pm EDT

Dr. Hattabaugh taught on the ministry of the prophet and how it operates.

Direct download: 111418_MinistryOfTheProphet.mp3
Category:Religious -- posted at: 9:30pm EDT

Dr. Hattabaugh teaches us how to build faith in our hearts. 

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Dr. Hattabaugh taught on how to train up your child based on the Word of God.

Direct download: 111118_TrainUpYourChild.mp3
Category:Religious -- posted at: 8:55pm EDT

Dr. Hattabaugh taught on the importance of raising your children in the word of God.

Direct download: 111118_RaisingGodlyChildren.mp3
Category:Religious -- posted at: 12:54pm EDT

Dr. Hattabaugh taught on the importance of obeying God's word.

Direct download: 110418_ThePowerOfAgreement.mp3
Category:Religious -- posted at: 1:01pm EDT

Dr. Hattabuagh taught about the cost of disobedience. 

Direct download: 103118_CostOfDisobedience.mp3
Category:Religious -- posted at: 9:34pm EDT





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