Dr. Hattabaugh teaches on health and healing.

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Dr. Hattabaugh taught on the importance of listening to the holy spirit through words of knowledge.

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Pastor Angie teaches how healing is spiritual.

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Pastor Angie taught on hungering for the Gifts of the Holy Spirit.

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Dr. Hattabaugh taught on the words of wisdom and knowledge that flow in our life.

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Dr. Hattabaugh teaches that worry is a sin.

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Dr. Hattabaugh taught on the importance of the Holy Spirit and how it operates. 

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Dr. Hattabaugh teaches on the faith to receive.

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Dr. Hattabaugh taught on being faithful. 

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Dr. Hattbaugh taught on the importance of your words and the power they contain.

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Dr. Roberts teaches on the joy of the Lord.

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Dr. Roberts teaches on the seed of faith.

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